Year in review

Let’s be honest about this year: it was awesome.

Yes, 2016 has been a year to be remembered. A lot of bad news, some might say. For us, it was a time full of changes and growing. A time to act, reflect and get better at what we do. A time to make things happen. Here are some of the stuff that made our eyes bright and our hearts race throughout this year.


all over

We work to create things people love. Inspiration is at the core of this attitude, which is why we’ve chased it since always. As inspiration goes both ways, we actively participated on a handful of events to spread a bit or our word — but also looked for some excitement for ourselves too!

Silicon Valley!

Being an innovation company and not visiting Silicon Valley is like wanting the Death Star plans but not going to Scarif. So there we went to see all the buzz and then bring fresh things back to our office.

Always pass on

This year we’ve been able to help and also learn from a lot of people. We helped and mentored in a lot of cool events, such as Startup Weekend Brasília (and its Fintech and Women editions), Serpro’s Hackathon and Action BB, to name a few.

Let me see that portfolio of yours

As good designers, we could not be far from the Behance community in our city. Julio, one of our partners, gave a talk regarding or way of practicing design here at Flama in a Portfolio Review event — and then gave some useful and constructive advice on other people’s work.

We made it.

Yes, we crossed that from our company bucket list. One of our partners delivered a talk at TEDxSão Sebastião. It was about some of the things we love: self-directed learning, design, and technology. Can you imagine how we felt about it? Incredible, that’s how!

We love

We are a design-centered company but, more than that, we are a human-centered company. We like to put people first, and that reflects on some experiences we provide for ourselves and our friends. This year, we’ve had many of those moments.

Our favorite part

Halloween party is becoming a tradition in Flama! We love killing zombies (virtually, of course), and we do have some horror movie fans in the team — maybe that’s why we have a lot of fun wearing costumes. Does Freud explain it?

Mi casa, su casa

Visitei is an online platform that connects people and cool design companies in Brazil. That way we (and other companies) get the opportunity to open our doors to anyone interested and talk about what we do and how we do it. In 2016 we did it four times, and we just loved each one of it.

We are
who we are

This year, our team got a little bit bigger, better and, more importantly: more diverse. A significant part of our culture is to have a diverse work environment, and women are now one-third of our team. It gets to us that innovative companies should have a workplace that promotes equality, so we’ve decided to raise this flag and be part of this change, by example.

Never-ending learning

We’ve learned a lot during 2016. Not only because we needed to, but because we love it. Deliberate learning is a big part of our culture, so we don’t just encourage our team to do so, we make every effort possible to get everyone going. Here are some of our lessons.

UX We Can

UX Immersion in San Diego was great this year. We were able to interact with top professionals in our field like Jared Spool and many others, participated in great workshops and — you know what? — it was the first time we could see that we could deliver work with a global quality standard.

English talking and talking

During this year, our in-company English teacher (we love you, Mark!) encouraged us to start this English Talks project, in which our team should deliver a talk on whatever subject they might find interesting. If we’re all going to give talks around the globe someday (who knows?), we better be prepared!


We like to use our Fridays to learn. We kindly ask — seriously — every single person on our team to teach the other something they've been working on or learning by themselves on workshops and talks every Friday. Well, sometimes just working together is more than enough. That's an awesome way to make our team grow together.

Go bold or go home

Boldness is one of the words that defines this year for us. We stepped up on our belief that design can transform and change people and organizations. Experimenting and iterating, we’ve managed to come up with really cool stuff from courageous redesigns to inspiring events.

Design different.

We like experimenting with inside projects to keep on learning. One of this year’s projects was the complete Dictionary.com redesign — from understanding users needs to the looks of it. And guess what? They literally liked it. ❤

Who run the world? Girls

Again: gender equality is an important issue for us. We’ve been doing our job inside Flama, but we also want to inspire women outside our office — so we decided to organize Brasília’s first Startup Weekend Women. And help to mentor. And participate. Guess what happened? A fantastic event, full of amazing women, inspiring and being inspired. We couldn’t be happier about it!

The future is ours to create

A significant part of building the future is becoming part of a community. Communities are support systems. They are places for like-minded individuals to gather and bond over similar interests. We had the pleasure to lead and participate in some great communities this year, and we met lots of lovely, talented people.

Code or design?

Codesign, an event created and carried out by some of our team members and other enthusiasts, has been happening every month for over a year now. We’re proud of hosting some of its editions and being able to contribute to a stronger front end community in Brazil.

Dribbbling around

The first Dribbble meetup in Brazil took place in Brasília this year, and they invited us to help with it. It was great to get in touch with local design students and professionals, and also get our hands full with the event for a few days: we had our own space, gave a talk on the importance of Design for businesses and got a few workshops going. Refreshing is the word for it!

The best

of us

Working hard and iteratively pays off — we got to see it during this year. Besides delivering value to our clients, we have decided it was time to show the world some of the work we’ve been doing. Yes, we love all the likes and comments (please keep it coming!), but good feedback is what makes us better and, yes, a lot excited to know we’re going the right way!

Animated inspiration

We love our logo but what if it got some… animation going? We did it. And then we got featured in Logo Inspirations Instagram account! It was a blast to get so much positive feedback! And an honor to appear among lots of other great designers from all around the globe.

Flama.is new

As we have said before, 2016 was all about reflecting, changing and growing. Flama’s website just didn’t keep up with our spirits, and we had to do something about it. We wanted the world to know clearly what our purpose and values are, and how they drive all of our actions. We worked hard to ship something that represents us. So, for now, we have launched an ever-improving landing page, for just as long as the full website gets all set up. But, above all, we finally have something that truly says who we are and what we stand for.